University of California endorses Donald Trump for president

trumpIn an unexpected press conference Monday, March 21, UC President Janet Napolitano, speaking on behalf of the UC Board of Regents and the UC Academic Senate, officially endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States. The UC has also endorsed Trump for UC president, if the nominee is not elected president of the U.S.

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump launched his campaign with the promise to “make America great again,” by restoring the “American dream,” in spite of not being able to define it without saying the words “China” and “you’re fired.” This endorsement was heavily vied for among the Republican candidates with California’s primary coming up on June 7.

Despite proclaiming controversial statements about Mexicans, Muslims and almost every other minority group, Trump and his vision for America, as seen in recent presidential primaries, are resonating with voters across the nation. The UC is the latest institution to endorse Trump among other organizations, corporations and public figures.

“I really admire his work ethic and humility,” said UC President Janet Napolitano when asked about UC’s endorsement. “I personally have a modest and humble salary of $570,000, and I agree with Mr. Trump’s stance on taxes. I am sick of the ‘crap’ that our government spends taxpayer money on.”

Napolitano dismissed the fact that the UC has been openly contributing to Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “The $608,858 that UC has been contributing to Clinton’s campaign with your tuition money was a mistake — we will be diverting that money to Mr. Trump’s campaign to be on the winning side of history.”

UCR’s own Chancellor Kim Wilcox agreed with Napolitano’s reasoning, adding that Trump should be an “obvious and sensible” choice in this year’s presidential election, especially for students, when considering Trump’s “difficult” upbringing. “I would think that a small loan of a million dollars would be very relatable to students,” argued Chancellor Wilcox. “Tuition costs aren’t going down anytime soon.”

Wilcox added that the initial 5 percent tuition increase made in 2014 was a piece of “sound business advice” from Trump himself.

Following the UC’s support, organizations within UCR have taken up and accepted Wilcox’s endorsement of Trump. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Resource Center, Chicano Student Programs, African Student Programs and Middle Eastern Student Center, have all announced their support for Trump’s campaign and vision. In the event that he does not become the U.S. president, they each expressed that they would be happy to have him as president of the UC.

The Director of the Chicano Student Programs, Esta Acabado, said that Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is a “great opportunity” for students. “Jobs are hard to come by these days, and wall building is just the right type of internship and experience our students need to land successful jobs,” Acabado explained.

Acabado reasoned that since Mexico will “definitely” be paying for the wall when Trump wins, that kind of job security entailed with building the wall will be “invaluable to minority students who Trump is clearly trying to help.”

“I just love how he belittles anyone who opens their mouth,” remarked Tex Smith, an avid Trump supporter and hair enthusiast. “Considering the alternatives, like Bernie Sanders, a socialist who wants free education, and wants to give women freedom of choice, or Hillary Clinton, the only nominee who has more baggage than LAX International Airport, I think Mr. Trump is easily the most progressive candidate.”

Trump spoke to reporters at the press conference, and answered some questions regarding his endorsement. When asked how effective his policymaking will be given his lack of qualifications for holding a government office, he said, “We will negotiate, we will win, and I can tell you, it’ll be beautiful.”

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