The UC will award four $12,000 fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students who pursue research projects aimed at combating smoke and tobacco use on campuses. This program, called The UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Fellowships, is available to all UC students and majors.

Students who apply for the fellowship must be in good academic standing (at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA) and conduct their project in a year while working with campus, local and systemwide coordinators. In addition, they must attend a systemwide meeting and participate in a webinar during the year.
“UC and California have been at the forefront of tobacco control at a national and global level,” Michael Ong, chair of UCLA’s Tobacco-Free Task Force and chair of California’s Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee said in a press release. “These fellowships represent UC President Janet Napolitano’s acknowledgement of the complexity and continuing importance of these issues, and the need to develop new leadership for 21st century challenges.”