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UC makes efforts to increase African-American and Latino enrollment

The University of California is increasing its efforts to encourage more African-Americans and Latinos to apply and enroll in UC schools. With the recent...

IE schools develop advanced surveillance measures

Written by: Cydney Contreras  In the Inland Empire, new technologies are being used to protect students and staff. These new technologies include security systems that...

UCR professor awarded $50,400 to study Native American medicinal practices

UCR Professor of History and Costo Chair in Native American Studies Clifford Trafzer has been awarded a $50,400 grant by the National Endowment for...

LA Times holds seminar on keeping city officials accountable

On Wed. Jan. 20, the School of Public Policy held a seminar at the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development discussing accountability amongst city government...

Governor Brown in support of admitting refugees

In a recent statement, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state will be admitting Syrian refugees on the condition that the White House...