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Why the tuition hikes are a necessary evil

It seems that despite the best efforts of the student body to protest it, the dreaded tuition hikes will be implemented. Beginning next year,...

Why voters can hope for improvement in how they vote

California officials are considering making a transition to elections conducted exclusively by mail. In recent years, more than half the ballots cast in California’s...

Why video games are not the be-all, end-all cause of violence

The jury is in — playing video games is not going to turn you into a homicidal maniac, or at least, it is not...

Why capitalism means the death of literary artistry

I hope you’ve read a book in the last year. It would be an incredibly great thing to know that every student here has...

Why Ebola isn’t as scary as a good Halloween costume

Ebola — you hear the word and you shudder. The name evokes gruesome images on a level similar to that of the worst horror...