On Thursday Oct. 9 along East Tahquitz Canyon Way in Palm Springs, police arrested a trio of suspects involved in a series of convenience store scams spanning across the country. The suspects are 40-year-old Jerry Davis, 18-year-old Sean Acree and 28-year-old Katherine Fernedine.

In Riverside, a scam occurred when the suspects visited a convenience store, claiming to be job applicants and asking general information about the store. Next, suspects called the store claiming to be auditors from the convenience store’s corporate branch and demanded a cash count from the employee who answered the phone. Finally, suspects retrieved the money from the employee, making sure to keep the employee on the phone the whole time.

According to multiple news reports, these suspects are accused of pulling similar scams all around California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Kentucky and Indiana.

The police ask that anyone with any additional information call Detective Jeffrey Acosta at 951-826-8717.