Fifteen bits of interest from the returners to the newcomers.

 “If I was a freshman, I could celebrate Halloween at UCR by …”

  1. Attending organization parties

  2. Observing trick-or-treating

  3. Having a scary movie marathon in dorm hall

  4. Trick-or-treating in old neighborhoods and still passing as a high schooler

  5. Getting turnt up ‘cause that is what the cool kids are doing

  6. Going to Montecarlo (resident hall party)

  7. Trick-or-treating at Ralph’s shopping complex

  8. Taking a horror tour of the Mission Inn

  9. Going to class in costume

  10. Snuggling up with “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and reminiscing childhood

  11. Stocking up on all things pumpkin spice

  12. Eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from the dining hall and cramming for midterms

  13. Sitting in a Starbucks in full costume while blogging.

  14. Going dressed up to Chipotle for $3 Chipotle.

  15. Twerk for treats