UCR men’s tennis had a triple match-up over the weekend against three different rivals: Vanguard, College of the Desert (COD), and Riverside City College (RCC). The Highlanders were looking for their first win of the season after failing to get a winner in their last three matches.

Feb. 10, 2012
Highlanders 4 – Lions 3

The Highlanders finally got their first victory of the season in a tight encounter against the Vanguard Lions. The key to the match turned out to be the doubles point; the Highlanders won two of the three doubles matches and claimed the point. UCR’s Felix Macherez and Austin Andres defeated Vanguard’s Lucas Pereira and Alexandre Piccin by 8-4. While Highlanders Luis Gastao and Simon Peters defeated Lions Yahor Kryvaruchka and Robin Wagner by 9-7 to claim the point for UCR.

In singles action, Highlanders and Lions fought back and forth, and by the end of the six matches, each team had claimed three victories. The doubles point won at the start of the game made the difference and gave the victory to the Highlanders. UCR got its first victory of the season.

Feb. 11, 2012
Highlanders 4 – Roadrunners 3

UCR got its first winning streak after defeating COD in a close match. The Highlanders, once again, landed the victory thanks to the early point scored in doubles action. UCR’s Austin Andres and Felix Macherez defeated COD’s Parker Kelly and Sergio Chip by 8-4, while Kevin Griffin and Jimmy Roberts defeated Justin Sellert and Braur Banks by 8-5 to win the point.

In singles action, UCR and COD split points, each team taking three points. All six matches were very close; three of them had to be decided in a third set. At the end, what made the difference one more time for the Highlanders was the doubles point won early in the match. UCR claimed its second consecutive victory of the season.

Feb. 11, 2012
Highlanders 7 – Tigers 0

UCR continued to extend its winning streak when it swept RCC. The Highlanders were superior to the Tigers in all aspects. RCC never proved to be a threat and UCR got a comfortable win claiming all seven points in play.