Courtesy of Fool's Gold Records
Courtesy of Fool’s Gold Records

I became a fan of Giraffage (aka Charlie Yin) after hearing his track “Music Sounds Better With You” on one of Clothesencounter’s YouTube videos. As hipster as I may sound, I love the underground electronic music world he occupies. I was stoked to hear that his new EP “No Reason” came out about two weeks ago, and it has now become a staple in my room when I’m studying, or need some good music to vibe to when I’m out with my friends.

It’s a mishmash of chopped-up vocals, deep beats, electric riffs, eight-bit rips and lush drops that come together to create an eclectic, electronic symphony that’s far from what I normally hear. The best way for me to describe it is a mixed-media collage you can listen to. The songs on this EP are reminiscent of his previous records, like the track “Close 2 Me” from his album “Needs”, but have a decidedly experimental tone to them that reminds me of Porter Robinson’s album, “Worlds.” It’s not surprising that I get this vibe because the two of them have worked together in the past, with Giraffage touring as the opening act for Robinson’s “Worlds” Tour.

Unique to this EP is Giraffage’s new method of crafting his songs. Unlike his previous remixes and singles that relied heavily on sampling tracks from other artists, he chose to build his songs from the ground-up with original beats and vocals. It’s a refreshing turn for an artist who has previously been known for his creative sampling of popular R&B artists like Janet Jackson.

Perhaps my favorite track from this EP is “Tell Me.” The phrase “You need to tell me” is screwed, chopped up and played with to create a perceived dialogue between two lovers. Interlaced between the vocals are lush beats typical of his musical style that audiences have grown to love.

Finishing off the album is my next favorite track, “Be With You.” The vibe is a bit cuter than the previous songs — it’s a bit faster than previous tracks and many of the vocals and audio tricks play at a higher register. It ends the album on a positive vibe that leaves you with a feel-good emotion. As with the rest of the album, Giraffage plays with well flushed-out beats and vibes to accompany this track’s vocals.

What I love about “No Reason” is its cohesiveness as an album. While all of the songs can stand alone as beautifully crafted tracks, they are also linked together in a unifying style that is distinctly “Giraffage.”

Rating: 4 stars