Two, including one student, arrested in attempted pharmacy burglary

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Two suspects, one of whom is a UCR student, have been arrested in an attempted robbery at Student Health Services.

At around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 6, the two individuals entered Student Health Services. According to witnesses, the student served as a distraction while the other individual attempted to steal cough syrup from the pharmacy. Employees managed to detain the second suspect until UCR police arrived, when the individuals were arrested.

The two were later identified as Eric Cho and Justin Lee. Both are facing criminal charges, including possession of a controlled substance, conspiracy to commit a felony and second-degree robbery.

The student, Lee, may also face student conduct proceedings, as the charges he is accused of could violate multiple sections of the UC Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline. However, federal law prohibits the university from discussing any particular student’s case in detail. In a notice emailed to the campus on Jan. 7, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications James Grant wrote that it is the university’s practice to “begin student conduct proceedings immediately in cases like this.” According to the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs website, potential disciplinary actions can range from a warning to dismissal from the campus.

Cough syrup contains the opiate codeine, which can produce mild feelings of euphoria.

The pharmacy was closed for the remainder of the day to check two of the pharmacists for minor injuries. The pharmacy reopened Jan. 7.

“We are grateful for the police response that was so quick, and that it ended with arrests,” said Director of Media Relations Kris Lovekin.

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