ice skating
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The winter seems to have rewarding effects on those who are fortunate enough to experience it in all of its splendor. But instead of snuggling tight with that favorite cover and matching pillow of yours while sipping on an awesome brew of coffee, it may be more beneficial for you to actually venture out into the cold. That may sound contrary to the typical person, since chilly weather becomes too much after awhile. Cold weather is a rarity in sunny California. So why don’t people embrace the cold and actually find activities that take advantage of the intense weather?

There are numerous activities one can do when casually exploring the cold. It can be a solitary or group activity that takes into account friends for an amazing combined energy that will most likely keep you more interested in the activity as opposed to how cold you are. Ice skating (for instance, one option is Ice Town in Riverside) is an awesome way to incorporate a large group of friends into the mix and make use of the atmosphere by majestically — or ungracefully — gliding across the ring as the blood courses through your veins. This way you’re having all types of laughs and actually being active in the cold rather than dreading it.

Coercing your parents and family members to take a nice resort trip in the heart of the cold isn’t a bad idea either. Resort trips are always fun but when there’s snow or cold it just makes the feeling much more intimate. For large groups, the Mission Inn and the Marriott can provide a wonderful experience (and deceptively cheap) for families and friends looking to emulate that homestyle feeling while away. You may find yourself tightly snuggled up with your family to avoid an early demise to the chilly weather. Roommates and even close friends should be considered on your journey since the main goal is to surround yourself with people you truly care about. Those worried about prices can rest assured that these places become very affordable when you split the cost in groups five and upward. From buffets and jacuzzis to gambling, there are a plethora of fun activities you can do that will undoubtedly become a bonding experience with your family and break the monotony of the typical movie shut-in day.

Make use of everything in your home. Being home for some is a rare treat that many of us take for granted. While escaping the cold make sure you allocate your time wisely by putting that anxiety to use and spending time with your family members inside your house or heading out into the common area of your dorm building to gather up friends for a great time. It’s convenient because everyone is usually all in one place. Fire up that game of Connect Four or Spades and catch up with others while bonding over your hatred of cold temperatures. Creating homemade recipes to tackle the cold is another way of having fun interacting with your family. Bonding over baking or at least attempting to do so creates a positive environment that will warm the heart even if the body is ice cold.

The most important part of all these events is to make sure you aren’t plunging yourself into excessive cold, thinking about your own misfortune when others are going through similar ordeals. The cold sometimes brings out the reclusive side of people, and as enticing as it sounds to lock ourselves up and be alone, the truth of the matter is we just want to feel warm and fuzzy inside with all the stress that school brings. Don’t make surviving the cold into some menial chore — turn it into an unforgettable experience with friends and always remember that games don’t always have to shy away from education. Group outings can promote study sessions and can prove to be a great source of morale for the impending quarter ahead.