With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of a good outfit to wear on my date. You would think that picking out a date-night outfit is a simple matter for a fashion writer, but we still get jitters and nerves over what to wear for that big date!

For this look, I decided to go off-tradition and eschew red accents — with the overflow of red and pink in every direction the eye can see, I’d opt for a different color palette. While green is traditionally seen as the complementary color to red, blue stands out nicely. While not too garish, this beautiful blue blazer from Express works wonders for both work and date nights. I love the details in the interior lining and it’s incredibly light and airy.

Underneath the blazer, I paired a simple short-sleeved button-up from American Apparel with a gold-collar cuff I bought from Topman. It attaches itself to the tips of your collars through a pin, so you should wear this accessory with shirts that already have buttonholes in the collar, or with shirts that you wouldn’t mind having a pinhole in. I have yet to see this trend take off in the United States and it’s a great surprise element that adds interest to an otherwise mundane outfit.

Anchoring this look are a pair of slacks from Express and Aldo shoes. For first-time designer dress shoe-buyers, I will warn you that these shoes need a lot of breaking in. Don’t expect to be wearing these out the door when you first buy them. With brands like Aldo, you first need to wear them around the house at short intervals for the leather to fit to the shape of your feet. It will be uncomfortable at first, but they will gradually mold to your feet over time.

If you happen to have a beau for Valentine’s Day this year and need to find a good date night spot, look no further than the Mission Inn area of Downtown Riverside. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day-worthy locations in that area, including Mario’s Place and Bella Trattoria. These restaurants tend to be on the pricier end, and reservations are an absolute necessity. For those who want to stick closer to campus, Sushiya at the University Village and Best Thai on Spruce Avenue both offer beautiful ambient lighting that’s perfect for a date night and you won’t break the bank trying to impress your date. However you approach Valentine’s Day, whether with jubilation or dismay, on a date with your significant other, or out at a bar with your fellow single friends for a night of fun, dressing up for the holiday will always make the occasion more festive and fun.