Grant to help women leaders in higher education

Courtesy of UCR Today
Courtesy of UCR Today

UCR Professor of Anthropology and Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Excellence Yolanda Moses has been awarded a $346,500 grant from the Ford Foundation to address the lack of women in leadership roles in higher education in countries emerging from war.

The grant will fund a meeting in April at UCR to plan a 10-day conference for women in university leadership positions in war-torn nations across the world. The conference is set to be held in Riverside in late 2016. The grant will also fund part of the conference.

The conference will focus on training women in university leadership roles to understand violence and sources of conflict, the challenges of rebuilding nations ravaged by war and how to improve organizational and management skills.

“In some cases, universities may be the only places where conversations can take place that may promote the change needed to prevent on-going cycles of violence,” Moses told UCR Today about the importance of having women in these roles.

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