Jeremy Lin is for real and he is the elusive point guard the New York Knicks have been searching for this season. Lin’s rise to stardom in the NBA has been highly noted, and now the Harvard product is the leader of this Knicks’ team. Without Jeremy Lin, the Knicks’ offense would be stagnant.

Lin played 46 minutes in the game against the Dallas Mavericks. If he was not on the court, the Knicks could not score. Lin has the ball in his hands about 80 percent of time when the Knicks have possession because Coach Mike D’Antoni runs his offense through the point guard. Lin has executed D’Antoni’s offense system so well that when Lin sits down, no one else on the team is able to run the Knicks’ offensive show.

Lin is the distributor on the team and he opens up the floor for his teammates to get good, clean shots whether it’s in the post or in the outside perimeter. Lin’s biggest Achilles heel, however, is the vast amount of turnovers he has in the game. The biggest reason behind Lin’s turnovers is the fact that he plays big minutes in each game. This makes him very fatigued in the later stages of a game and he turns it over so much because he processes the ball more than any other player on the court.

What Knicks fans should be even be more excited about, is that Lin has much to learn. It will make him an even better player. If Lin continues to keep this pace up and lead his team to wins, Lin will be in consideration for league MVP. But what makes Jeremy Lin well-liked by his teammates is that all he cares about is winning. That spirit is what makes the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin’s team.