Courtesy of WIkimedia Commons
Courtesy of WIkimedia Commons

Spring Splash headliner Wiz Khalifa has cancelled his scheduled performance on May 2. According to the Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) — the group who organizes the concert — the artist plans to perform on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in New York City that day. ASPB announced on Monday that electronic music duo Flosstradamus will replace the artist as headliner.

Spring Splash Administrator Katrina Luu stated that her team was notified of the cancellation on April 22 at 6 p.m. — nine days before his scheduled performance — while the announcement was made public on Facebook at 2:10 p.m. the next day. ”I pretty much went into shock,” Luu recalled regarding her discovery of Khalifa’s cancellation, and said she was “just hopeful something good will come out of it.”

According to Luu, ASPB learned about the scheduled SNL performance online. “We found out exactly how everyone else did,” Luu clarified, adding that ASPB was not notified by Khalifa’s management.

Before the announcement was made public, Luu said that Drake, Childish Gambino and YG have been popular requests by students on social media. “I will definitely let people know when we find someone new,” Luu added.

The last time an artist cancelled a scheduled ASPB performance on campus was Dev for Block Party 2011 due to her pregnancy. A replacement for her set was unnecessary as she was scheduled to perform with the Cataracs, who played without her.

The program board begins looking for Spring Splash artists around November and December to have adequate time to schedule them. During the process, two concert directors make inquiries and bring their choices to ASPB’s 14 student directors, who vote on whether to continue negotiations with an artist.

Many students reacted negatively, while others were understanding. “I was surprised when Wiz cancelled, but then I read somewhere that he was going to be on SNL with Scarlett Johansson instead so I don’t blame him,” commented Ashley Elias, a second-year political science major.

“This is Heat 2014 all over again #never forget,” Sandra Flores, a fourth-year business major joked on Facebook, referencing the concert’s cancellation last year. “I just meant we were all excited and then out of nowhere something happens and we are all disappointed,” Flores later clarified.

In light of students’ responses, Luu stated, “I’m really glad that (the student body) has been so understanding, and I really hope that they are going to still enjoy Spring Splash regardless of who we bring out.” Luu added that there are numerous other attractions at the concert, including a ferris wheel, ziplines, a photo booth, food trucks and new additions to the carnival.