Four ASUCR senators have launched a series of events from May 4 to 8, which are aimed at creating awareness and dispelling myths about feminism. Participants will be able to watch a late-night movie, partake in a photo campaign and write misconceptions about feminism  on biodegradable balloons prior to releasing them in the air.

The event was inspired by a women’s political group at a UC Student Association conference last November, according to Reem Blaik, who is organizing the week along with Christian Arredondo, Devin Plazo and Summer Shafer. The senators held the initial goal of planning a UC-wide month of feminism awareness, but the limited time left in the quarter and the number of participants involved made it difficult to organize.

“The organizers of this event were pleased to hear that events like the ones we have planned are key to targeting issues pertaining to feminism,” Blaik said.

Speaking at the first event, “Womxn’s Caucus” in the Bear’s Den, she brought up the idea of possibly launching an ASUCR committee to plan next year’s Feminism Awareness Week, which many students were receptive to. “We discussed several aspects of feminism and came to the general consensus that education is essential for the success of this movement,” Blaik said.

Though she could not attend the Bear’s Den event, UCR senior Meghan Emery planned to go to Tuesday’s event, which included Jane Ward, UCR gender and sexuality studies professor, who discussed sexism and misunderstandings of feminism.

Emery believes it is important for people to learn more about feminism, which she says comes with misconceptions and negative connotations.

“Being a feminist does not mean that you hate men or believe that women are superior to men. At its most basic definition, feminism is just the belief that men and women should have equal opportunities,” she said. “The first step to achieving gender equality is awareness!”