Elected [OUR]Voice candidates retroactively disqualified, pending appeals

A recent vote by the ASUCR senate will give them the jurisdiction to review appeal cases that were previously heard during a justices’ meeting on May 8, which was deemed “unconstitutional.” As a result, the [OUR]Voice party will be retroactively disqualified from the positions they have won unless the senate approves their appeals.

“They are in limbo until appeal cases are heard,” Elections Director Stephanie Rose expressed about the elected [OUR]Voice candidates who dominated last week’s elections. The ruling, passing by 11-1-4, has given the senate the power to adjudicate on behalf of the elections committee.

The senate did not make a motion to hold a new election and it is still unclear as to whether or not [OUR]Voice members will be forced to temporarily step down from their elected positions.

A notable resolution supporting divestment from the Republic of Turkey was also passed by the senate. The bill defines genocide and outlines Turkey’s refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. UC investments in Turkey total over $70 million and the passed bill would encourage UCR to divest its financial support. The bill also seeks to raise awareness about the Armenian genocide and hold the UC Regents accountable for ethical investments of students’ tuition.

During a closed meeting, the senate also voted to remove Parliamentarian Mohamed “Momo” Hussein for failing to fulfill his duties.

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