Fun. has released their second and latest album, “Some Nights.” The indie pop band, recently praised for their popular new single, “We Are Young,” has created a phenomenal album to accompany it. In comparison to their debut album, “Aim and Ignite,” the theatrical band, comprised of a trio of musicians and singer, has certainly lived up to their previous success. The upbeat album focuses on themes of individual strength, love and ended love, as well as hope. They are able to maintain the charm and spectacle of their style while still making this album a unique one.

With catchy and quirky songs in the previous album, this new release seems to build on their strength of the lively, dynamic melodies that made them attractive to listeners in the first place. “Some Nights” retains the theatrical interludes of rhyme, background noises and an array of instruments, while tackling a new technique. Multiple songs display a more electronic sound, particularly influenced by a voice synthesizer. Fortunately this technique does not cloud the lyrics or voice. Rather it benefits the album in setting it apart from the previous one as well as broadens Fun.’s ability in manipulating various musical techniques.

The first track, “Some Nights—Intro,” is just that. It begins quietly and steadily builds up momentum for the entire album to take flight. A piano, violins, drums and even opera vocals in the background make this a wonderful balance of chaos and melody. It is somewhat reminiscent of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and ends on powerful notes similar to that of a Broadway musical finale. This kind of energy and performance are strong throughout the tracks, which clearly expresses Fun.’s true investment in their music.

Still, a song is not complete without lyrics. In this case, the words paired with each song are largely unique and catchy. Phrases like “May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground,” from “Carry On,” and “It’s hard to lay a golden egg with everyone around,” from “It Gets Better,” prevent narratives from being cliché. Of course there were several tracks that stood out, including the namesake track of the album. It jumped to life with a chorus of voices singing, “Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck; some nights I call it a draw!” There are stomping drums, upbeat rhythms, and enchanting tunes attained by falsetto and the vocal synthesizer. Still, less stirring tracks are able to retain the charm that Fun. brings to all their music. At first listen, the eighth track, “All Alright,” can be difficult to appreciate due to its repetition of “It’s all alright.” Still rhythm and lyrics like, “We wished upon parallel lines,” made up for it.

Through energetic arrangements and lyrics, reoccurring images of family, being found, and celebrated love all come together to color this album in a positive light and hopeful tone. Titles like “Carry On,” “All Alright,” and “It Gets Better” are just indicators of the themes explored in this album. Overall, “Some Nights” is effective in embracing the a more modern technique of music while preserving the heart of Fun. which comes to life in their youthful, energetic approach to music.
Rating: 4.5 stars