Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures
Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures

“The Forest”: Another example of a horror movie with a great premise ruined by stupid horror movie cliches that now permeate modern horror cinema.

Casting Natalie Dormer is one of this movie’s few strengths, but it’s sad knowing that her talents are wasted on not just one role, but two, as she plays twins Sara and Jess Price. Jess has gone missing in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which is known as the Suicide Forest, and Sara travels there with a journalist and forest ranger (Taylor Kinney and Yukiyoshi Ozawa) to find her sister.

The crew and cast actually went into the infamous terrain and shot on location, which lends the movie what little credibility it deserves. A handful of some frightening and unnerving scenes utilize the natural background and smart camera work to legitimately terrifying fashion.

Other than those few positives, the movie’s infused with typical Hollywood horror tropes: bland characterization, uneven pacing, shitty jumpscares and a really stupid ending. Also, the movie’s whitewashing is bad. Bad, “The Forest,” bad movie. And on another offensive note, the movie’s suicide forest is an actual, real suicide forest in Japan. Way to go for insensitivity!
Horror movies suck nowadays. Don’t see this movie (or go see it drunk).

1.5/5 Stars