“Fifty Shades Of Black” Falls Flat

Courtesy of Open Road Films
Courtesy of Open Road Films

If you’re at all familiar with the wildly popular book and movie “Fifty Shades of Grey ” by E.L. James, then you’ve most likely heard about the newest spoof, “Fifty Shades of Black.” The film, produced by Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez, follows suit behind the Wayans brothers’ largely popular spoofs “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks.”

From the first scene, the movie follows the original plot of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” with little deviation. The plot centers on Christian Black (Marlon Wayans), a wealthy executive and Hannah Steale (Kali Hawk) the meek college student. However, in typical Wayan fashion, the characters are caricatures of their originals. The film pokes fun at the original by portraying Black to be overly sexualized with stalker tendencies.

From the get-go, most of the jokes are crude sexual humor and can hardly be called subtle. Comedy’s basic rule — that anything can be forgiven if it’s funny — is utilized by Wayans, who makes rape jokes, calls out Donald Trump and Bill Cosby as well as jokes about the Black Lives Matter movement. In more light humored jokes, there are references to Kim Kardashian’s “break the Internet” photo shoot. Although this leads to a couple moments of genuine laughter, the shock factor begins to kick in halfway as the jokes become increasingly graphic.
If you’re in need of a quick laugh and don’t mind seeing an unusual number of prosthetic penises, then “Fifty Shades of Black” is definitely worth the watch.

Ratng: 3/5 Stars

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