Sean Yun reaches to hit the ball over the net.
Sean Yun reaches to hit the ball over the net.

After winning two in a row, the UCR men’s tennis team picked up its eighth loss of the season against Northern Arizona on Saturday, also in turn giving the Lumberjacks their first win of the year.

In singles play, only Kyle McCann and Hans Baumstark won their matches for the Highlanders, with McCann outlasting Ruben Montano in three sets and Baumstark quickly dispatching his opponent Thomas Fisher in two.

In doubles competition, Northern Arizona was able to edge the Highlanders in two out of the three matches.

With the loss, the men’s tennis team slides to 4-8-0 overall, and while the record may not be much to behold, it still represents a marked improvement over last season’s effort, which culminated with the same win total that the team currently carries just about halfway into the year.
Next up for the team is yet another home tilt against Concordia Irvine on Feb. 27.