Artist: Ka

A cross between Earl Sweatshirt and Ghostface Killah, Ka is a Brooklyn-based FDNY Captain turned rapper who’s been on the scene since the ‘90s, starting out with the underground hip-hop crew, Natural Elements. Relatively inactive for quite some time after, Ka was reintroduced on GZA’s  2008 release “Pro Tools,” before the release of his debut solo LP “Iron Works”

Ka’s 2016 album, “Honor Killed The Samurai,” harkens back to a classic Wu Tang Clan sound,  with recurring samples  from classic kung-fu flicks reminiscent of “36 Chambers.” Sonically, Ka’s somber and enunciated flow, graces his downtempo, atmospheric production.

–Osama Khan, Staff Writer


Artist: Andy Shauf

Canadian musician Andy Shauf has been under the radar for a while. A folk rock artist hailing from the Saskatchewan region of Canada, Shauf began to get some recognition after the release of his first album, “Darker Days” in 2009. His most recent project, “The Party” was shortlisted for the Solaris Prize (which ultimately went to Kaytranda).

With a reserved sound, and quietly affecting lyrics, Shauf’s haunting music is intelligent and emotionally acute, with audible traces of Elliot Smith and Destroyer. “The Party” is a concept album, in which Shauf sings about attending a party and watching interactions. In his hands, the party becomes a poetic microcosm of society at large.

–Faraz Rizvi, Arts & Entertainment Editor