Welcome back to this week’s edition of “Pumpkin Pizzazz,” or as some of my lovely Highlander co-workers really want to call it (for the sake of “witty” rhyme scheming), “Pumpkin Pizzazz with Jazz!” However, the name shall remain “Pumpkin Pizzazz,” as all of these delightful recipes are ours to share: Easy, fun and affordable — the ultimate tripartite of the college experience — inspired by and dedicated to the busy and ever-hungry college student.

“Pumpkin Pizzazz” strives to feature the quintessential fall time fruit-slash-vegetable — pumpkin — in the most tasty and mouthwatering of recipes, honed, crafted and created by your very own “Jazz.” Yet, keep in mind, that all of these recipes are just as effortless to make in your own home or dorm or well-worn spot in the corner of the library where you savagely study for midterms, as these recipes were conceived and scrutinizingly tested in those very places. With “Pumpkin Pizzazz,” we strive to cater to those picky eaters out there by suiting your taste buds through all three courses of a meal: Savory (quesadillas!), beverage (hot chocolate!) and sweet (yet to come!).

Week 2: Beverage — Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

This is what you envision when you think of autumn — a scarf on your neck, leaves falling behind you and a warm, blissful cup of pumpkin spice white hot chocolate in your hand. While the sweet little white chocolate chips and caramel-like condensed milk work to excite your senses and wake your chilly morning up, the seasonal pumpkin amps up the flavor with a gratifying kick of zest. When you taste that creamy white and milk chocolate blend mingling with the euphorically nostalgic pumpkin pie spice, you’ll close your eyes and remember those days in your old home with your mother cooking up for you a lovely, heartwarming cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled delicately on top.








This is what you envision when you think of autumn — a scarf on your neck, leaves falling behind you and a warm, blissful cup of pumpkin spice white hot chocolate in your hand.


⅓ cup white chocolate chips

¼ cup milk chocolate chips

1 ⅓ cup milk

⅓ cup sweetened condensed milk

½ cup pumpkin puree

¾ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

Whipped cream (optional)


  1. In a small sauce pan, melt the white and milk chocolate chips with ⅓ of the milk at low heat to whip up a smooth, silky base that could get too thick if you add it in with the rest of the ingredients at once. Stir frequently, as these buddies like to get gooey real quick.
  2. Once the heavenly white and milk chocolate mixture has deliquesced into a beautiful, velvety creaminess, pour in an additional half of a cup of milk along with the sweetened condensed milk to get that milky goodness going.
  3. When you see little bubbles bursting like the gloopy globules of a witch’s cauldron (getting in the Halloween spirit here!), plop in that bewitchingly yummy pumpkin puree, followed by the rest of your wicked vial of milk, to your preference of either a wispy (thin) or rich (thick) consistency.
  4. As the finishing touches of your hauntingly nummy-like-a-mummy creation, top it off with some delectable whipped cream, then sprinkle that pumpkin pie spice on to bring your pumpkin spice white hot chocolate back to the good old days of trick o’ treating with mom, dad and the neighborhood pals (that is, if you don’t still do that!).

Don’t forget to stay on the vine for next week, when we will reveal what we chef’d up for our pumpkin-inspired dessert! If you tried out our recipe this week and would like to share it with all to see, send a pic to for a chance to get it published in our next issue! Check out our YouTube channel @HighlanderTV for the second episode of “Pumpkin Pizzazz.”