Courtesy of Ben Pham/Highlander
Courtesy of Ben Pham/Highlander

The last ASUCR senate meeting of the quarter was held on Tuesday, Nov. 22 and featured the passage of one senate resolution and three senate bills.

A resolution entitled, “Resolution in Mandating Family Housing Transitional Committee (FHTC) Meetings to be made Public on a Quarterly Basis,” was presented and authored by CHASS Senator Jose Cortez-Hernandez. The resolution asks that an ASUCR representative be able to make public the times and dates of meetings held by the FHTC. The resolution further requests that the committee hold one publicly open meeting per quarter. It also encourages the Graduate Student Association to send a representative to meetings with the ASUCR representative and asks that KUCR and the Highlander Newspaper publicly announce the respective meeting times of the committee.

The resolution passed 12-0-0.

CHASS Senator Aram Ayrapetyan presented the senate bills on behalf of the legislative review committee. Bills passed include one aimed toward expanding the marketing and promotions committee from six to eight members; another grants academic waivers to elected representatives under circumstances decided by either the president or executive vice president and to be voted on for approval by either the judicial council or senate. The third bill will allow for a representative from UCR’s Services for Veterans to be included in the diversity council. Going forward, new additions to the diversity council will be voted on for approval by existing members.

All of the bills passed unanimously.

During senator reports, Ayrapetyan announced that he had met with Transportation and Parking Services director Irma Henderson to discuss finals week parking accommodations, long-term parking issues and installing cameras in existing lots. BCOE Senator Arneil Liban discussed his plans to create more hydration stations, as well as develop five more solar tables on campus.

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