Makeup versus video games, pink versus green, skirts versus gym shorts. We’ve all held commonly accepted conceptions about what girls and guys are individually interested in, and although there are certainly unique distinctions between both genders, the question of whether their perspectives are truly as different as we think must eventually come to mind. With this new series, we shall, through a barrage of questions about a preordained topic every week, see how differently guys and gals truly think.

What better place to start than with physical appearance; while girls are portrayed as always being neat, put together and particular about how they present themselves, guys are viewed as the “slobs” who couldn’t know a single fact about makeup or hair. Is this true?

Physical appearance:

Janine Lano, Staff Writer

Quinn Minten, Opinions Editor








  1. You are late to an interview and only have 30 minutes to get ready, including brushing your teeth and performing the daily routine. What do you decide to wear with no previous planning whatsoever?
I would wear black pants, a button down shirt, some wedges and a statement necklace to make it seem like I had more than 30 minutes to prepare. I really don’t know. Frankly I’ve never had a formal interview so I have no experience to draw on there.


  1. How often do you buy new clothes?


I buy new clothes maybe twice a month. But not full on shopping sprees; just one or two more pieces of clothing. As little as possible.


  1. Go-to clothing item?


My black leather jacket is my go-to item. It goes with almost everything I own. I can dress it up or down. Does my watch count?


  1. You see a person who stands out in a crowd: What are they wearing?


They’re usually wearing an outfit I’d never be able to pull off. They’re wearing bright items of clothing that you don’t see in regular department stores. If it’s a guy we’re talking about, probably a leather jacket — something like what a biker would wear — or a suit. If it’s a girl, probably some kind of dress.


  1. Favorite outfit from a movie?


My favorite outfit from a movie is from the animated movie “Anastasia,” when she steps out in the navy blue ball gown. Although it’s animated, I think it’s such an iconic dress and moment. The first thing that comes to mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” look.


  1. Let’s say you’re setting up an online dating profile for yourself and need to post some photos to make yourself stand out. How are you posing in your picture?


I would be smiling in my picture. No model pose or trying to look “sexy.” I’d just look ridiculous trying to do that. Ha ha, as if.


  1. What percentage of the clothes in your closet are hand-me-downs?


None of my clothes are hand-me-downs, although I would not mind wearing some of my mom’s outfits. Next to nothing. As the oldest child, I’m the one creating hand-me-downs.


  1. What shoes are you wearing right now or did you most recently wear?


I am wearing my black combat boots with a little heel. I like to feel taller than I really am on a regular basis. Um, they’re shoes.


  1. How often do you shave?


To be honest, it depends on the season. During the summer, it’s two or three times a week and during the winter I don’t worry about shaving until the weather forecast reads 80 degrees. Every three to four days.


  1. When was the last time you used the permanent press cycle?


I had to look up what the permanent press cycle was, so I guess that answers that question. I’m not sure I own anything that needs it.


  1. Should your shoes match your belt?


No. But I think shoes should match or correspond to the outfit. I seldom wear a belt, and when I do, I don’t make an effort to match it with anything.


  1. What is a French cuff (don’t look it up on Google!)?


I have no idea what a French cuff is. OK, I didn’t.


  1. If you were to get a haircut today, what would you ask for?


A few inches off, and layers. I wouldn’t get a haircut today  — my hair hasn’t grown long enough to bother me yet. I would only get perhaps an inch trimmed off.


  1. Would you change any aspect of your physical appearance if you could?


Yes. I think people would be lying if they said no. I would want to be a little bit taller and have a less round face. I doubt it. Maybe I’d prefer if my eyes were fully blue instead of greenish-blue (depending on the light).


  1. What is the craziest change to your appearance you have ever embarked on?


I haven’t done anything crazy to drastically change my appearance. The only thing was braces, which boosted my self-confidence and changed the structure of the bottom half of my face. If you’re looking for an answer like, “I dyed my hair purple,” you’re talking to the wrong person. For a while (during middle school), I would apply a lot of hairspray to my hair so that it’d be stiff all day, but that’s about it.