This year, the Arts & Entertainment section was rich with coverage of different types of media, with a keener eye for lesser known works we feel deserves more attention. Music has always been a cornerstone for the section and will continue to be one, but we also want to spread out our content to include other media like literature, video games, and film — something our new Things We Enjoyed … column aims to accomplish.

Things We Enjoyed …

There comes a time when you encounter great work but don’t exactly know how to share it in writing. Our Things We Enjoyed … column was created out of that concern, a column dedicated to, well, things we enjoyed in a given week. Sometimes, the things we’re digging are TV shows like “We Bare Bears,” other times, it’s an older album like At the Drive-In’s “Relationship of Command.” It’s a fun way to express ourselves in a casual manner, delivering coverage of the work we’re consuming in brief.

“Lit” pick of the week

Out of all the coverage The Highlander supplies (or any publication, for that matter, save for the ones dedicated to it), literature is the most underrepresented. However, we’ve consistently dropped a “Lit” pick of the week every week this past Spring — and almost every week in the prior two quarters — where we summarize and praise a work of literature we want to highlight. Next year, our goal is to supply every issue with this column in hopes of further expanding our areas of coverage.

Concert coverage

The big concerts to hit UCR this year were HEAT and Spring Splash, both of which we provided plenty of coverage on. Aside from providing video coverage, we also had written summaries and reviews that filled readers in on the events as a whole. Outside of campus, there’s also festivals and shows we’ve gotten to cover — like the When We Were Young and Soulquarius festivals at The Observatory in Santa Ana. In the future, concert coverage is an area we want to expand on, not only attending those on campus, but those outside as well.


Staff Picks


Best movie: “Moonlight”

Courtesy of A24 Films

Runner up: “Get Out”

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Best music: Kendrick Lamar – “DAMN.”

Courtesy of Top Dawg Entertainment

Runner up: Every Migos single

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Best TV show: “Atlanta”

Courtesy of FX

Runner up: “Master of None”

Courtesy of Netflix