The first ASUCR senate meeting of winter quarter commenced in HUB 221 on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

The senators briefly discussed ASUCR’s open house next Wednesday, Jan. 17, which is intended to provide information on the organization for interested students. The senators voted 12-2-0 to make their attendance of the open house mandatory.

During senate reports, CHASS Senator Grant Nakaoka reported on the status of the Highlander Empowerment Student Services Referendum (HESSR), which supplies funding to the ethnic and gender programs in Costo Hall.

Nakaoka said that the Referendum Student Advisory Committee (RSAC), the committee that oversees HESSR, pulled the stipulation that HESSR would have to be voted on every five years in a meeting with Chancellor Wilcox. The referendum would instead undergo an administrative review possibly by the chancellor, however, the process of this is still unclear. Assistant Dean of Students Joe Virata stated that the chancellor will probably form a committee of administrators and students to make sure that the “interests of students are being represented” and funds are being allocated fairly.

CNAS Senator Matthew Shashaty then discussed the Research Expo that is being hosted on Thursday, April 5.

Additionally, CHASS Senator Marco Ornelas discussed providing free, better quality feminine hygiene products inside women’s restrooms.

Vice President of Internal Affairs Semi Cole briefly offered updates on the Beyond R’Margins conference, an event which aims to promote diversity and cross-cultural understanding. Cole revealed that Sabrina Cervantes, a California assemblywoman representing the 60th district which encompasses portions of northwestern Riverside county, will be speaking at the conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

The next senate meeting will be held in HUB 221 on Wednesday, January 17 where the Sabra hummus resolution will be revisited.