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American Pleasure Club – “Let’s Move to the Desert”

The band formerly known as Teen Suicide (the name change is a wholly welcome decision, long overdue) dropped a music video this past week in anticipation of their upcoming album, “A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This,” and while it bears the mark of a different project — namely, the song culls its experimental texture from lead singer Sam Ray’s other musical project, Ricky Eat Acid — its ethos is entrenched in the despondent beauty that made Teen Suicide such a uniquely desolate band.

The song features a sample of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best,” injected with an uptempo, almost nightcore quality to it before being retooled to a lower pitch. “I wanted to write a song as pure and simple as the best Towne Van Zandt tracks,” Ray said in a press release. The song successfully evokes a sense of wonder with its densely swelled, downpitched sample; despite the name change and salient alterations to the Teen Suicide formula, American Pleasure Club’s direction is invigorating in its haunting new approach. “A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This,” the follow up to their re-introductory mini-album, “I Blew On A Dandelion and the Whole World Disappeared,” drops Feb. 16.

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