Michael Clemons, director of campus business services at UCR, spoke to the Highlander through email on the recent and ongoing renovations to printing and faculty supply services on campus, which have been aimed at improving the performance of those who provide the services and the quality of the services themselves.

Clemons first discussed Digital Print Services (DPS); in terms of physical renovation, “renovations were completed to the physical space (Mail Services building in Corporation Yard) to accommodate the move of print production activities from off campus warehouse (on Atlanta Ave.) back to campus.”

“This move allowed all printing staff (some already on campus and some working off campus) to work more closely together as one unit,” increasing operational efficiencies, Clemons said. The move also allowed DPS’s old digital press to be replaced with a “newer, more advance unit.” He also noted that DPS can now provide “graphic design services,” where their “talented team can design digital and print content for our customers.”

Clemons further stated that “DPS serves the campus: departments and student groups and clubs” with “outstanding service, delivery, and quick turnaround times,” noting that DPS can also assist “non-profit organizations and other academic institutions in the community.”

ScotSupply, an online faculty and staff requisition service, is also currently being improved operationally and technologically. “Our new website (hosted on the Service Now platform) is undergoing enhancements expected to be completed by the end of winter quarter,” Clemons wrote. The improvements are aimed at creating a more user-friendly platform and allowing the ScotSupply team to better manage inventory.

Operations-wise, the improvements are meant to streamline ScotSupply’s products and services that it offers to “academic and administrative departments,” and “to focus on what is most in need from the campus and where our team can provide exception (sic) value.

Student printing services can be provided at the Highlander Service Station, just outside of Pierce Hall. Its site lists the various services it offers, including bindery, printing, postering and photo-based editing.