Cage the Elephant get personal on new single, “Ready To Let Go”

Courtesy of RCA Records

After two years since the release of their last album, “Unpeeled,” Cage The Elephant are back

with their newest single, “Ready To Let Go.” This single leads up to the band’s long-awaited fifth studio LP, “Social Cues,” set for release April 19. The majority of the album was written after the unraveling of frontman Matt Shultz’s four-year marriage. In “Ready To Let Go,” Shultz paints a heartbreaking picture of the moment he and his wife agreed on a divorce.


Shultz sings, “As we slow dance, I became your statue, frozen / ’times I wonder, are we just a puff of smoke,” hammering home how his relationship dissipated into separation. Although it deals with his heartbreak, the lyrics convey Shultz’s optimism about his future. At first listen, I was excited to hear that the band still carried the signature indie-rock sound they’re known for. The song’s scrappy electric guitar and rhythmic texture make it a catchy tune for anyone to enjoy.


As an avid listener, I’m excited to see what Cage The Elephant have in store for the next couple of months. If this first track is any indication, “Social Cues” will be everything fans could hope for.

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