The Outreach Director, the ASUCR position responsible for coordinating UCR’s outreach efforts to students and the community, will be absorbed by the Finance Committee. According to Carolyn Chang, the current Outreach Director, the move will make things more convenient by facilitating effective communication. She states, “The main purpose of the Outreach Director is to hold the Outreach Grant Hearing, which is under funding which can be directly under the VP of Finance. The Outreach Director position is being moved because Finance and Outreach work very closely together in order to host the Outreach Grant Hearings.”

Chang suggested that the move will ensure that the Outreach Director has to communicate with only one committee, as opposed to two, making “communication more efficient.” She went on to say that the change will benefit UCR: “ … this will give a chance for ASUCR to focus more on other aspects such as expanding on marketing or sustainability.”

The change will not take effect until next year. The position, according to the ASUCR bylaws, is responsible for presiding as the chair of the ASUCR Outreach Hearing Committee and General Committee; coordinating outreach information from the ASUCR website and other ASUCR Outreach Committee social media; and representing ASUCR through collaborations or annual meetings with UCR Undergraduate Admissions and UCR Administration, among other things.