The third ASUCR meeting of the spring quarter took place on April 17 and was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

The meeting then moved onto committee reports. CHASS Senator Julian Gonzalez discussed the Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) meeting minutes from April 10 and April 17. On April 10 GCAP passed an allocation of $4,000 to provide food for a sustainability fair. The vote passed 6-0-1. They also allocated money to the Zero Waste Club at UCR in the form of a grant for $2,445. It passed 4-0-3. The GCAP meeting minutes from April 10 were approved by the Senate 9-0-0.

On April 17, GCAP approved a grant of $300 for the Literacy Page Master Club at UCR which is a club that meets to regularly talk about literature while also promoting sustainability. The GCAP meeting minutes from April 10 were approved by the Senate 9-0-0. Gonzalez stated that during this meeting, GCAP decided that they wished to move $100,000 away from a large-scale initiative budget and instead focus on an approach that creates more opportunities for students on campus to apply for grants to create sustainable projects. The budget transfer passed 10-0-0. April 17 meeting minutes were passed by the Senate 10-0-0 as CHASS Senator Chelsea Davenport showed up to the meeting late.

During Legislative Review Committee (LRC) SR-S19-001 UCLA Bribery Scandal Resolution was discussed. CHASS Senator Alyssa Tocker discussed this resolution, referencing the recent college bribery scandal and how UCLA is allegedly involved in the scandal. The resolution calls on the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) to open a public investigation on all UC campuses to see if any other campuses are involved in the scandal. The resolution passed 10-0-0.

SR-S19-002, the UCR Glen Mor WiFi Reimbursement Resolution was also discussed. Tocker stated that this resolution calls on UCR Housing Services to reimburse students living in Glen Mor because they were paying for WiFi fees while WiFi was not available in their housing. Glen Mor had previously acknowledged that they realized that the WiFi connections were not working. The resolution passed 10-0-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.