Over the past three quarters, I have played a wide variety of games. The following titles are the top five games I played this year and each stood out to me in a way that separated themselves from their competition. All these titles are must plays and are trailblazers in the current gaming space. While this is only a top five, I chose a variety of games that showcase some of the best work in the industry as it stands.

Number 5: “Apex Legends”

Courtesy of EA

The class-based FPS battle royale slides in as number five as it has consistently improved with time. The game was released earlier in 2019 and exploded in popularity with many fans appreciating its fast-paced tactical combat that separates itself from the competition. Apex has really innovated in its genre providing a satisfying shooter experience that feels fresh and intuitive that comes very natural to many of its players. With the wide variety of weapons, classes and skins, Apex is able to pull a very unique experience that plays with the verticality of first person shooters. Apex has proven itself to be a mainstay in the crowded battle royale genre and still manages to impress with the solid content updates and patches that seemingly will help lay the groundwork for bigger and better things to come. Apex is a great addition to the market of battle royales that diversifies the genre in a beneficial way. Developer Respawn is showing its commitment to the craft which will only improve the game and the growing eSports community for all fans to enjoy. 

Number 4: “Mortal Kombat 11”

Courtesy of Warner Bros Interactive

The classic fighting game returns in full form with its newest edition taking the main stage showcasing the most brutal and bloody gameplay in any Mortal Kombat. The 11th game in the franchise brings together new characters with a story that seeks to answer and tie up all loose ends to bring about a definitive end for the series. The gameplay remains the same 1v1 format it has always been and gives players much more customization than ever before with the addition of gear from the Krypt. Despite this feature being plagued with microtransactions, it still offers a great deal of customization which shows the attention to detail Netherrealm Studios did for the fans. While the newest addition does little to innovate in an already saturated market, it still delivers a gratifying experience that follows the footsteps of its predecessors. Netherrealm Studios doesn’t have to innovate in order to deliver a satisfying experience which highlights the best of the series that was made possible by fans. 

Number 3: “Resident Evil 2 Remake”

Courtesy of Capcom

Capcom’s fabled horror game, “Resident Evil 2” was released in 1998 and shocked players with its terrifying visuals. Compared to today’s standards the game is simplistic, yet when Capcom chose to remake its timeless classic they were able to faithfully recreate the full experience. With today’s modern graphics, the best horror game returns by reinvigorating the horror genre. The game places Leon Kennedy as a newly staffed officer in the desolate Racoon City which houses a huge zombie epidemic. As he traverses the city and recruits other survivors, the epidemic only gets worse with every location becoming more and more infested. The game gives players full control over the situation by offering them great range to explore the city in its fullest. By encouraging this, Capcom was able to faithfully recreate and restore faith in the horror genre with one of the best horror games of all time. Some of the best moments in Resident Evil history are faithfully shown here in full. Capcom outdoes themselves again by proving they can provide great gaming experiences that help revive old games. 

Number 2: “Marvel’s Spider-Man”

Courtesy of Insomniac Games

Insomniac reinvents the action adventure genre with their take on masterfully crafting a Spider-Man experience. Truly, the game is one of the most faithful recreations of the amazing legacy Spider-Man has. Insomniac Games does everything perfectly with intuitive combat, an expansive open world, satisfying traversal and amazing attention to detail. There’s so much this game does right and it shows a very polished experience that reinvents the super hero game archetype. Players follow Peter Parker who deals with the unfolding gang uprising with supervillains popping up everywhere. Peter’s struggle with his life and Spider-Man’s creates a great dynamic that tells a traditional and rewarding Spider-Man story. The game is as expansive as the player wants to be as the New York City sandbox is huge and always fun to play around with. Boasting some of the best graphics on a PS4, the game also features a great and intuitive photo mode that allows players to capture critical Spider-Man moments. The famed web slinger has never played this well before and the support from Insomniac games shows in great strides. Coupled with short, but fun DLC the game is very much worth its weight and should be a must buy for fans and non fans alike. 

Number 1: “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo strikes back by winning the hearts of many with their newest edition in the Super Smash Bros. series. It’s clear to all that the work done by both Bandai Namco and Nintendo show an extreme amount of fan service by having all veteran fighters return for a true ultimate experience. Smash Bros. Ultimate not only is definitive by name only, but by including some of the best modes and additions to the series we have seen in quite some time. Separating itself from its predecessors, Smash Ultimate proves itself by providing the most content in a Smash game ever. With over 100 stages, 800 musical pieces, over 70 playable characters and 20 different modes Smash has never been better. The possibilities are endless and the gameplay is that same crisp brawling experience fans have come to love. There has never been a better time to play Smash Bros. and with more DLC on the way, “Smash Ultimate” is truly the best title released in a very long time.