Pranav Bhakta, PBHAK’S CORNER
With the report of UC Riverside planning to build a potential 8,000 seat arena for athletic, cultural, and recreational purposes, I wanted to express my support this proposal because it serves a great need of an adequate arena for basketball games.

Our Highlander basketball teams currently play in the Student Recreation Center, which is not exactly the most eventful place for a Division I basketball game. The Rec Center as a basketball venue reminds me more of my high school basketball gym than anything else.

When we look at where other Big West rival host their games, the current UCR basketball home court is not up to par. The CSU Long Beach 49ers host their basketball games at the Walter Pyramid. The Pyramid is well-designed, can host 5,000 people and is a true venue for basketball games, with real seats and not bleachers like those found in the Rec Center. Even UC Irvine has the Bren Events Center for their basketball games.

I understand that the Rec Center is a decent facility, but if the proposal of the so called C-Center becomes a reality, then I feel it is worth investing in. Basketball games have always been the most widely popular sporting events here on at UCR. If we have an area like the C-Center, it will improve UCR student attendance at athletic events, with the new center making for a better sports atmosphere.  And especially with the UCR student body’s growing population, the need for a facility like the C-Center clear.

The C-Center will not be built in my time as a UCR student, but as an alumnus, I would love to come back and watch a game. If there is one thing I disagree with the C-Center proposal, it’s the name. R’Center anyone?