Members of the UCR and UC communities share their thoughts on the announcement that Chancellor White will be leaving UCR.

“The UC Riverside family, including students, faculty, staff and the greater community have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced the leadership of Tim White.  His ability to connect with this community was not a secret we could keep ours for long and CSU will now enjoy this type of relationship building.  The campus is in good shape with strong leaders that will continue on with the aspirations set by Tim.”

Lars Walton
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Government Relations

“When Chancellor White called me to tell me he was leaving, I was surprised because I know how much he and his family love being a part of the UC Riverside family but I was very happy for him.  It is a great opportunity for he and his family but it also says a lot about what people outside think about what is happening at UC Riverside.  A lot of good things happening brought a lot of positive exposure to our campus and Chancellor White’s leadership.
My favorite memory of Chancellor White was sitting beside him for the USC men’s basketball game last year and hearing him getting on the referees for some really bad calls.  Nice to hear his passion for athletics success.”

Brian Wickstrom
Athletics Director

“Chancellor White has been a true advocate for the inclusion of the campus lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. He is one of the reasons UCR is a Top 25 LGBT-Friendly Campus and a Top 10 Transgender-Friendly Campus. From his first meeting with the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of LGBTs, Chancellor White responded quickly to requests for policy changes and resource development. He was the first UCR Chancellor to attend an Allies Program training and join a campus network of students, staff and faculty supporting the LGBT community. He invited LGBT students to speak to his Cabinet, and in turn he stopped by to visit with students within the LGBT Resource Center. The entire UC system has lost a voice for inclusion of all campus members, and someone who went beyond words to action.”

Nancy Jean Tubbs, M.S.
Director, LGBT Resource Center

“Chancellor White is genuinely compassionate and unwavering in his commitment to students. These are two core values held by the Division of Student Affairs and we will miss  him greatly. He has had an exceptionally positive impact on the student experience during his UCR tenure and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to him.”

James Sandoval
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

“I am ambivalent about Chancellor White leaving UC Riverside. He was my boss. We worked together on issues around, Diversity, climate, compliance and respect. As a leader he has a vision and a plan to make UC Riverside a University of inclusive excellence in every way. He got us! I am really going to miss that relationship. On the other hand, The California State University needs a strong and compassionate leader, who cares about students,  public higher education, and the state of California. They got the right person for that job as well. No one  that I know of could do it better. I wish him and his family   the best as he moves to his new position.”

Yolanda T. Moses
Professor of Anthropology

“I would first like to congratulate Chancellor White with regards to his new opportunity to lead the CSUs, in addition to expressing my deep gratitude for his commitment to students in his tenure here at UC Riverside.

My academic career began in 2008 and I will be finishing my graduate coursework this year, and it hasn’t hit me until now how lucky my timing was to have attended UCR under the leadership of Chancellor White.

I think Chris LoCascio put it best when he told me “we have all been spoiled by Chancellor White.” The culture of accessibility and diversity implemented here at UCR has created countless opportunities for individuals, including myself, and has me fully convinced that he is hands-down the best candidate to lead California’s higher-education system to where it should be.”

Henry Huang (GSA President)

“Chancellor White has provided tremendous service to the University of California and its Riverside campus for the past four years, and he is an excellent choice to lead the California State University system. While he will be missed, it is no small consolation knowing that, with Chancellor White at the helm of the CSU, the University of California will continue to have a well-placed partner and ally in the fight to preserve public higher education in California. In consultation with appropriate UC leaders, I will appoint in the near future an interim chancellor for the Riverside campus and also initiate a search to find a permanent successor. I wish Tim and Karen only the best as they move on.”

Mark Yudof, President of the UC