For those skimming the pages wondering who Kaki King is—remember the movie “August Rush?” Kaki King is the living, breathing inspiration of the peculiar guitar-playing technique that captivated the musician in everyone.

Kaki King, also known as Katherine Elizabeth King, released her sixth album “Glow” on Tuesday, Oct. 9. These new, strictly instrumental compositions incorporating a wide variety of instruments—up to 12 different guitars and a bagpipe—kept me more intrigued than her indie pop sound from her previous album, “Junior.” Kaki King’s albums progressively create her own niche in music as a composer and innovative guitarist. Though many find it hard to connect to music without a chorus of lyrics to sing along to, “Glow” proves capable of emoting in the intricate chord progressions of each song.

Because it is entirely instrumental, King jokes that it “doesn’t matter what the songs are called.” The irony is that each song holds its own dimension within the 12 track album. The Asian and Celtic inspirations that pop out through the album, which gives it a different taste than what is expected in classical music, especially with the background string quartet in “Great Round Burn,” kicks off the groundbreaking album. I am thrilled to say the track list did not bore me for a split second; every song brought about a new experience and introduction to music as I now know it. I cannot even fathom all the talent needed to compose such soothing and complex melodies in the album and to think it was all done by one woman is mind blowing.

Without a doubt, this album proves worthy of a listen because of its unique sound. Despite popular culture classifying Kaki King’s sound as alternative, “Glow” gives unworldly vibes in “Bowen Island” and “King Pizel” which keeps me eager for what she will come up with next. If you’re not willing to purchase the album through iTunes or Amazon, drop by the Barn on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. to see the progression of music for yourself.

3 Stars