UCR Medallion awarded to Riverside mayor and wife
On Oct. 13, the UCR Alumni Association and the Foundation Board of Trustees hosted its annual Chancellor’s Dinner, which included student entertainment and the Alumni Awards of Distinction. Chancellor White awarded Mayor Ron Loveridge and Marsha Loveridge the UCR Medallion. Aside from the medallion, three alumni were each awarded the The Distinguished Alumnus Award, Alumni Service Award and Outstanding Young Alumnus Award. For the past four years, the annual dinner has been held to honor prominent contributors to the Riverside community.

Ron Loveridge has been the mayor of Riverside for the last 18 years, a full-fledged resident for almost 50 years and a UCR medallion nominee for his philanthropic contributions to Riverside. According to UCR Today, he was awarded the medallion due to his visions, leadership and transformative impact on the community. As a professor of political science at UCR, he has helped students by providing internship opportunities in the real world that would contribute to their future goals and aspirations.

UCR SoBA named in Princeton Review
On Oct. 9, the Princeton Review recognized the UCR School of Business Administration (SoBA) among the nation’s best business schools in its “The Best 296 Business Schools: 2013 Edition.” The Princeton Review doesn’t rank the schools from number 1 to 296; instead 11 categories are created where the top 10 business schools are acknowledged.

The Princeton Review conducted a nationwide evaluation of business school based on academic programs and institutional data provided by faculty, staff and community input. Student input was also collected through an 80 question survey, released by the Princeton Review.

SoBA received an esteemed ranking due to their academic inspiration to the students. According to SoBA, they focus on two sets of themes: the first is “Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Growth,” and the other is “Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Personal Growth.” The graduate program seeks to make students into entrepreneurial scholars and world-wide leaders in their future careers. Established in 1972, SoBA was the first research-based professional school in the Inland Empire. Not only does SoBA have the largest undergraduate program, but it is also home to the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Chancellor White signs memorandum with President Karl-Dieter
UCR Chancellor Timothy White recently signed a memorandum of understanding with President Karl-Dieter Gruske of Friedrich-Alexander Universität (FAU), Erlangen-Nürember. On Oct. 5, the memorandum was signed at UCR’s Alumni and Visitors Center. Through the memorandum of understanding, UCR and FAU will now engage in achieving common academic goals within their respective universities.

Both universities seek to increase civic student participation by creating more awareness about problems affecting each separate community. Community activities may include visits and informal exchanges of faculty, joint conferences, and joint research programs and collaborations. Another goal is to organize global awareness events meant to mold individuals into leaders, who will take on a positive role in their community.

UCR and FAU did not simply focus on their individuals goals, but may possibly collaborate to create a 3+2 program. In this program, FAU students will be able to study for three years at their university and then transfer to UCR to complete two more years. The program will end in five years where students will receive a bachelor’s degree in engineering from FAU and a master’s degree from UCR. Through this program, students will be able to finish a year earlier and will gain international experience.