Pulling into the Magnolia Shopping Center made me skeptical of what kind of atmosphere to expect with generic grocery stores and fast food chain vendors right around the corner; however, the restaurant exceeded face-value judgments.
I was greeted with a friendly chorus made by the workers behind the counter as I soaked in the plethora of menu choices: Baja favorites, specials, tacos, traditional and breakfast.  This Mexican establishment is on the more traditional end compared to Chipotle or Del Taco and it is refreshing to have the Baja heritage-infused Mexican food.  Beverages even ode to tradition with the horchata, jamaica, and orange whip selections. In addition to the variety of options that can attract you, the affordability for the typical starving, college student keeps the door wide open with the price range of $2 to $9 for each dish, including daily 99¢ specials.
Indecisiveness took over me as I skimmed the menu for possible. The result?  Tacos de papa, carnitas, pescado, lengua, and a bean and vegetable tostada.  The head cashier recommended I try the various dishes Señor Baja has to offer, so I just had to order it all.  Taco de papa would not be my first choice, it did not occur to me to put potatoes into a hard taco shell, but the execution was surprisingly pleasant.  Taco de carnitas is below par of the traditional, marinated pork I grew accustom to, but for $1.89 I was satisfied with the non-American influenced dish.  Taco de lengua was an interesting experience, to say the least. Without knowledge of the tender and juicy meat being cow tongue, one would thoroughly enjoy the traditional dish.  Considering the fish is the restaurant’s icon, the taco de pescado deserves to stand as one of the most popular dishes at Señor Baja with its perfect balance of crisp skin and juicy meat wrapped in a taco.  The bean and vegetable tostada was just a tasty bean and vegetable tostada, nothing excited my taste buds.  For dessert, the “home made flan casero” fell short.  I was underwhelmed with the odd tofu-like texture, but the recipe itself was a delightful balance of caramel sweetness.
The beauty of all of these dishes lies behind the food itself, Señor Baja does not bother with presentation at all, taste is what matters.  The simple recipes of each dish are executed with carefully marinated and well-cooked meats and married with fresh ingredients that deliver tasty food in homage to Baja California.