Endless sports articles have been written about the astounding success of Tim Tebow. Tebow has led his team, the Denver Broncos, to a playoff spot and a victory in the first round against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow and his team may have lost against the New England Patriots, but Tebow is here to stay.He has been considered an overachiever by many football pundits as his craft as a professional quarterback is not up to the level of many other NFL quarterbacks. But what makes Tebow a success in the game of football that has left many people amazed is ability to inspire and lead his teammates.

The media has credited  Tebow’s Christian faith as the main reason behind his success. While Tebow’s faith may indeed be behind the Broncos’ success this season, I believe that Tebow’s leadership skills have been ignored by the pundits.

No, he does not have great numbers as an individual player, but the intangibles, especially leadership, have allowed this mile high roster to excel as a group. What Tebow has given his team is a purpose, a belief that together they can win any game.

The Broncos’ defense has come up with amazing defensive coverage in some of the games played with Tebow as quarterback. While Tebow may not be able to throw the most accurate pass in the league, his receiver will make an extra push to catch the ball. The running game with Tebow has been invigorated again with the new option plays.

So the success should not be a surprise to anyone because he is not on the team to play as an individual, he is there to lead a team to success. And yes, he does get lucky on some plays, but sometimes you have to be good to be lucky.