A long 11 years passed since Aerosmith last released original music, 2001’s “Just Push Play.” After a near break-up of the Boston’s Bad Boys in 2009, the band reached its end of Sony/Columbia Records contract with their 15th and latest album, “Music from Another Dimension!”

Aerosmith returned to their roots of bluesy rock in “Music from Another Dimension!” that transports back to ‘70’s rock ‘n roll. “Beautiful” and “Out Go the Lights” represent the classic Aerosmith niche of hard rock lyrics delivered with the rasp and attitude of Steven Tyler entwined with blues chords. Even the ballad of the album “What Could Have Been Love” pays homage to one of their biggest hits “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” in similar rhythm and theme. The album’s hit track, “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You,” comes out on top of the pack; Carrie Underwood completely alters the sound of the track and country overpowers the rock ‘n roll. Albeit Aerosmith continues to expand their horizon through “Oh Yeah” and “Freedom Fighter” which display the growth within the band since 1972 as lead guitarist, Joe Perry, steps up for lead vocals.

The lack of studio publicity from Aerosmith for over a decade—aside from “Guitar Hero” tours and “American Idol”—lead me to believe that this album is bad news. However, the middle-aged men are still growing as musicians and ended their contract in a big tribute to the style which dubbed them “America’s Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band.” 11 years waiting and “Music from Another Dimension!” brings back the classic Aerosmith sound that they became known for: bluesy rock. The experience in the business allowed the band to deliver a more mature and knowledgeable taste of their signature rock ‘n roll that could reach to all audiences. Aerosmith’s last hoorah of an album paid a tribute to their journey and development as a band over the 40 years.

Rating: 3.5 Stars