No NBA team has been under the spotlight more than the Los Angeles Lakers this year. Fans, coaches, managers and even players had incredibly high expectations for the super team this season.

Thus far, we’ve seen nothing close to the high-powered offense we were promised. And the man to blame for that is Head Coach Mike Brown.

Since his controversial arrival to LA over a year ago, the Lakers have seen disappointment after disappointment. The team’s offense is nothing compared to the beautifully executed system of Phil Jackson’s Triangle. We’ve seen turnovers, shot clock violations and awkward offensive possessions from the team.

To top it all off, this is the second straight time the Lakers have started the season winless under Mike Brown’s reign. They started 0-2 last year and they started 0-3 this season.

Something has to give.

Mike Brown’s era has been full of questionable choices and lackluster offensive schemes. In the midst of the panic, Brown has simply downplayed the situation and has failed to take blame for the struggles of the team. Recently, Brown even blamed Kobe Bryant’s scoring for the team’s struggles.

During a press conference, Brown was asked if Bryant’s 40 points during a game against the Clippers affected the rest of the team’s rhythm. Brown replied, “It can be harmful… There were some instances through the course of the game where we didn’t get it in great flow, which can be harmful to us down the road.”

Sorry, Mike Brown. The Kobe isn’t the “harmful” problem. After all, Bryant is the guy with five championship rings.

If a change doesn’t come to LA soon, the NBA will be left with an empty feeling. The super team that the league was promised will cease to exist. The highly-anticipated Finals matchup between Kobe and LeBron will never be seen. It’s a terrible scenario. It’s not good for the sport.

Mike Brown’s reign has failed. It’s time to go. It’s time for a new coach. It’s time for the sport to profit from the Lakers. Most importantly, it’s time for the the Los Angeles Lakers to finally win some games.