The NFL will be entering its 13th week of their 17 week season. The 2012 season has been one to remember. There are teams that exceeded my expectations and teams that never lived up to the hype.

Let’s start with the team that I think is a let down this season. At the beginning of the 2011 season, the Philadelphia Eagles characterized themselves as the dream team, but they finished the 2011 season with an 8-8 record. They looked like they would come together this year and make a run at the Super Bowl, but they have been inconsistent with six straight losses. Last year the Eagles had a plus 68 point differential.  This year they have a staggering negative 90.

This year I have been impressed with the Minnesota Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts. The Vikings went 3-13  last year, and this season they have already doubled their win total with a current record of 6-5. They have a great home record of 5-1 and with the help from their magnificent tailback, Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are third in rushing yards, averaging 150.5 yards a game. The Vikings had a point differential of negative 109 last year but have turned it around this year with a negative one point differential.

The Colts last year had a point differential of negative 187 and a road record of 0-8. This year they have a home record of 5-1 and a road record of 2-3. Their point differential is now negative 44, with their help of their rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

The Denver Broncos were expected to dominate the AFC West in the 2012 season when they added the great veteran quarterback Peyton Manning. They already had a solid defense and now he has propelled his team to great new heights. He has driven his team around from a negative 81 point differential to a plus 97 in a one year span.

I am rooting for the Denver Broncos to win it all because of Manning. Who wouldn’t love seeing Manning win another Super Bowl? I know I would.