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Holiday parties overtaking your winter calendar? Don’t sweat it. Here are some tips on how to both appropriately and fashionably dress for differently holiday occasions.

Ugly Sweater Party

The best, most memorable Christmas parties are the infamous Ugly Sweater Parties; the dress code is quite simple: wear an ugly sweater. In fact, going posh for this occasion is considered a Scrooge move. Pair your fashion-challenged sweater with some dark-colored skinny jeans and boots to help somewhat salvage your hideous ensemble. Burned all your ugly, old sweaters? Rightfully so. Borrow a friend’s, call up your grandmother or make a trip to your local thrift store—I am sure you’ll find that ugly sweaters are as abundant as the names on the naughty list this year.

Work Party

Have an awkward workplace party to attend? There are plenty of options for situations such as these. For a more relaxed look, pull on an eye-catching metallic top over a pair of black, slim-fit trousers. You can also try a cocktail dress—always a classic. To make this outfit more holiday friendly, rock a pair of stylish heels and throw in some statement jewelry or bold red lip color.

Family Function

Family parties promise three things: crying children, that one drunk aunt or uncle who talks at top volume and the dreaded “What are your plans after college?” questions. You should at least suffer in style when enduring these painful Kodak moments. Put your favorite skirt or summer dress back to work by matching it with sheer or printed tights and a warm cardigan. Presents will be exchanged, wine will be spilled (most likely on you) and cameras will be flashing, so come prepared to look your absolute best.

Quick Tip: When selecting your outfit of choice, aim for reds, greens, whites, greys and blacks; anything that screams a cheesy good Christmas time. ‘Tis the season after all.