In the second ASUCR senate meeting of the winter quarter, senators announced the various plans and proposals they have lined up for the upcoming few months.

During the officer reports, ASUCR President Liam Dow started by congratulating his fellow senators for the work put in during the fall quarter. He highlighted achievements such as providing podcasts in supplemental instruction classes, accommodating students with finals week snack packs and registering 5,500 educated voters in the 2012 election.

He continued by outlining some of the proposals he has for the student body on campus. Among the proposals is a planned town hall meeting for UCR students and faculty hosted by student representatives from Search Advisory Committee—selected to find a replacement for former Chancellor Timothy P. White. Dow, who was one of the 17 appointed members, announced during the senate meeting that the town hall will most likely take place on March 7.

Dow went to detail his expectations for the town hall meeting. “This way we can involve faculty and staff within the town hall so that when you have questions or you have concerns that you want to voice about the chancellor that you want to be hired, you can [voice them] to everyone who is on the committee,” he said.

“I truly feel part of ASUCR history, but more importantly, a part of one of the strongest teams here on campus. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish this winter quarter,” he concluded.

Later in the meeting, Vice President of External Affairs Lazaro Cardenas shared information about the upcoming application deadline to apply for the UC student regent position.

UC Berkeley law student Jonathan Stein is the current student Regent at the University of California, vesting him with the powers of a full voting member on the UC Board of Regents. After Stein’s one-year term is completed, his position will be filled by the current Regent-designate, Cynthia Flores, who is a UCI law student. Flores will transition into her new duties as student Regent for 2013 to 2014, which leaves her current position available.

“The student Regents are going kind of on campus tours,” informed Cardenas. “[They will be] doing kind of a recruitment process for student who would want to become a student regent. That will be happening next week, Jan. 25.”

The deadline to apply for the 2013 to 14 regent-designate and 2014 to 15 student regent will be on Feb. 28.


Academic Affairs Director Shadi Matar announce a solar energy project on campus. The joint collaboration with CALPIRG will showcase research of professors on campus. The goal will be to make students more aware of what research projects are available at UCR.

The second annual Dance Marathon at UCR is underway  It is designed to raise awareness for the Guardian Scholars Program which provides the gift of education to former foster youth. The event will take place on Feb. 23

Senators are currently awaiting approval from the student services fee committee in order to establish a Middle Eastern student center. With support from surrounding cultural and ethnic organizations on campus, senators are also in the midst of programming movie series and cultural events for the year.

Reported by Vice President of Finance Crystal Kim, the senate motioned to approve GCAP funds for the construction of a R’garden outdoor classroom and compostable toilet.

Headed by Senator Ian Cavasos, the approved theater proposal will grant student organizations funding for theater-related events.

Senators voted for a travel fund increase of $775 for President Liam Dow, in order to meet with UC President Mark Yudof and other UC officials.

Academic Affairs Director Shadi Matar proposed a plan to increase the wifi range on campus. No specific details were given.

Senators expressed plans to make the Highlander One Stop Shop building more efficient, due to the lengthy wait-time that most students endure.