Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Valentine’s Day can be stressful enough in itself—booking the right restaurant, ordering the right flowers and chocolates; it’s enough to go insane. Picking out the perfect outfit for the holiday is another story entirely. But have no fear. I’m here to help you cross at least one item off your V-Day to-do list with some tips on what to wear.

Romantic Dinner:

Mastering the Valentine’s Day dress code can be a challenge for anyone. Have something upscale and classic planned? Well, now is the time to dress up and show up.

Ladies, a dress is ideal for this situation. A red form-fitting number is the perfect match for this love fest of a holiday, and if that doesn’t work for you a little black dress will never do you wrong. Search for something above the knee that shows off the right amount of leg action. Looking for more pizazz? Choose laced or sequined embellishments to take it up a notch. If you’re over dresses, a burgundy velvet skirt and black top is the perfect blend of surprise and texture.

Justin Timberlake has recently reminded us of the appeal that comes with a suit and tie. Fellas, showing up in a slim fit suit will definitely have your date swooning. Dark colors are always flattering, but if you’re feeling extra whimsical, feel free to add a splash of color with your tie. Not exactly a tie man? A bowtie is a quirky, yet equally acceptable substitute.

Courtesy of ASOS
Courtesy of ASOS

Casual Date:

Going on a first date or a low-key night with your crush? There are plenty of ways to look stylish without appearing too high maintenance. Girls, high-waisted dress shorts are a great option. Tuck in a fitted shirt or lightweight sweater and throw in a leather jacket to give your look an edgier allure.

Guys, a sweater and nice dress pants will suffice. Nevertheless, try to opt for boots or dress shoes over sneakers; show that at least some amount of effort was attempted. And if you absolutely must wear sneakers, make sure that they’re nice and clean.

Friends’ Night Out/In:

More on the singles awareness train? This doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. If you’re spending the night with some pals at the local bar or on your local couch, you still have an opportunity to dress up. To accommodate the more laid back atmosphere, try an oversized sweater with black tights and strappy heels; the peek-a-boo of the tights between the straps will give your outfit a fashionable twist.

Gents, a nice button-up layered with a cardigan will do. If you’re aiming for a more polished feel, try a dark fitted vest. Stuck on color options? Blacks and grays match perfectly, or even plaids in beige or tan. Of course, an all-black ensemble will never fail you. Now, who says couples can have the only fun?