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The Highlander’s endorsements reflect the majority decision of The Highlander Editorial Board. The Highlander looks forward earnestly to working with the next generation of campus leaders next year, whomever they may be.

The Highlander Editorial Board has elected to endorse Luis Huerta for ASUCR President. The Board believes Huerta’s three years of experience within ASUCR sets him apart as the ideal candidate. Huerta started in ASUCR as a member of the Outreach Committee traveling to local schools and informing students of important deadlines and what higher education has to offer. In his second year he worked under the external affairs office as the Campus Organizing Director where he served as the chair of The Highlander Action Committee, assisted in voter registration initiatives and collaborated with AFSCME 3299. This year Huerta served as the Vice President of External Affairs and oversaw the entire external affairs office. As the VPEA Huerta worked to increase civic engagement and organized student lobbying trips. He has worked to bridge UCR students to activism opportunities through engagement in student-initiated action and legislative advocacy. The Editorial Board is confident Huerta will use his past experience to lead, unify and represent the student body to the best of his ability.

The Highlander Editorial Board has elected to endorse Angelica Garcia for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs. Garcia has a proven track record working with the internal affairs office. As a first year, Garcia got her start in ASUCR working as an executive fellow for the internal affairs office, where she assisted in the approval of the Basic Needs Referendum as well as with the execution of events, such as the Beyond R Margins Conference, put on by the internal affairs office. Garcia has served as a CHASS senator in her second year where she has gained further experience writing legislation and planning events. During her time as CHASS Senator, Garcia has proven to be an advocate for women’s issues and the Women’s Resource Center through legislation and resolutions. Her experience, specifically as an executive fellow for the internal affairs office, made The Editorial Board confident in their endorsement of Garcia.

We endorse Vanessa Gomez for undergraduate sustainability director. We are confident that Gomez, using her academic experience and previous organizing roles in the Green Campus Action Plan, will further strengthen and progress ASUCR’s sustainability programs. Gomez has participated in the development of GCAP’s sustainability fair and various other programs, like the Alternative Transportation Giveaway and UCR’s Zero Waste Plan.

We endorse Sean Nguyen for personnel director. The Editorial Board is confident that Nguyen’s experience as a public policy major, his active and engaging attitude and his enthusiasm with his current position in ASUCR as an executive fellow for the EVP will bring a fresh perspective to the personnel director position. We appreciate Nguyen’s policy proposals such as holding ASUCR officials accountable via censuring after violating the same bylaw three times as well as his support for a biweekly committee report for all committees under the personnel director’s purview.

We did not endorse any candidates for the other executive cabinet or extended cabinet positions. Readers can view the full list of executive and extended cabinet candidates in our elections guide or ASUCR’s elections website. We also have video interviews with executive cabinet candidates on our YouTube channel.

Out of the many candidates running for ASUCR senate, The Highlander Editorial Board has decided to endorse the above individuals. Through their engagement on campus and diverse experience, we believe they demonstrate a clear understanding of the demands of the senate as well as the ability to effectively execute their jobs as senators. These individuals we have chosen have a selfless passion for serving the campus community and a willingness to go the extra mile. We are confident that we have chosen a field of very qualified and passionate individuals we look forward to working with. Readers can view the full list of senate candidates here.