Courtesy of Pexels

As developed countries take the initiative to produce a system for online education, the government must work to ensure that all students have access to a stable internet source and have a proper device provided at the students’ discretion. Until that is ensured, schools should be put on pause.

Amid the pandemic, the U.S.has been one of the slowest progressive nations globally. Upon failure of acknowledging COVID-19 promptly, President Donald Trump continued to display neglect toward his citizens through the early opening of select educational institutions. 

The recent opening of schools has resulted in a spike of cases in specific areas. The lives of these students and teachers who make up these test sites were deemed dispensable science experiments as their attendance was expected, even with no proliferation of a proper vaccine.

Neglect is not an uncommon experience for teachers across the nation. Even prior to COVID, improper allocation of money and resources was present within countless school systems, most specifically in areas with low-income students and students of color. From the beginning, low-income students have been the ones to carry the burden of a collapsing economy. By moving forward with remote education, it appears that the U.S. government is leaving these same students behind yet again.

Low-income students, students of color and students in rural areas are falling victim to the lack of technological device distribution and unstable internet connections. It is impossible to have such high expectations of an individual when the proper resources are not provided to them, whereas those who are wealthier have the resources and are therefore more likely to succeed. 

Additionally, studies have found that online schooling does not equate to learning. There seems to be very little reason to force students to deplete their health in order to “learn” when there is little to no benefit.  

Online schooling is not living up to its intended purpose. As a student who has been exposed to such an environment, the only thing I feel is fatigue from constantly sitting in one spot all while worrying about the pandemic taking place. Still, my life is meaningless to the government.

If the U.S. Senate can cancel work, students should most definitely be granted a break until measures are taken to ensure every student has the same opportunities in their household.