This weekend, David Beckham re-signed a deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy to play for two more seasons in the MLS league. So why was this news not a headline like the time when Beckham first arrived to the United States in superstar fashion?

I understand if this recent news did not make the front cover of every news site, but even on a sports website like ESPN.com, this news was not front cover material. I understand the excitement of an international star like Beckham bolting to the City of Angels, an ambassador for the sport of soccer, but five years have almost passed and the buzz around Beckham has mostly passed.

So what happened? The thing is, even I cannot wrap my head around that answer. Beckham struggled in his first couple of seasons in a Galaxy jersey, primarily due to injuries, but he still was a success marketing-wise, and brought huge exposure to the sport of soccer.

In the last year, Beckham has been more successful on the field, leading the Galaxy to a MLS league title in 2011. However, all of his achievements have not translated to the headline news like his arrival did. So why did Beckham re-sign to play again where some might view he has run out his welcome? The thing is, when Beckham made his superstar arrival in 2007, he said “I’m coming there not to be a superstar. I’m coming there to be part of the team, to work hard and to hopefully win things.” Beckham has just done that and has played well for his team, the LA Galaxy. Again, his first years were disappointing, but Beckham has found his niche. Although he may not be headline news anymore, Beckham continues to build his legacy.