Campus Cope: In the post-Valentine’s Day world, the clearance section is our best friend

The only time I’ve loved Valentine’s Day was during elementary school. I remember rushing to the stores to buy Valentine’s Day candy and those little cards with Valentine’s Day puns. Valentine’s Day has never been the same since, but I have since found another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, even without a significant other. 

The day after Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to go to different stores and visit their clearance section. If not the day after, anytime after Feb. 14 is ideal. The clearance section is our best friend during holiday times. It provides a warm, comforting and better yet discounted atmosphere. It is the place to be, as chocolates, stuffed animals, candy and even baking goods all go on sale during this time of the year. I remember going to Walgreens on a random day in late March and there still being Valentine’s Day candy at ridiculously discounted prices. 

Now, you may be thinking,“I don’t want all these chocolates, candies or baked goods right now,” but most chocolate (like Hershey’s Kisses, which you are bound to find on clearance) expire in approximately 11 months. That gives you more than enough time to eat the chocolate on your own time or gift to friends on birthdays or special occasions. As for the baking goods, if you are a baker or have any friends who bake, buying these items and gifting them is a proactive measure for when TikTok’s trends rise up. The chocolate covered strawberry trend happening right now will probably start up again next year, and having supplies would be nice! 

Some stores that would be good places to keep an eye out for are Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. Local stores might also have their designated clearance section, but the stores I mentioned earlier are stores that I know for a fact will have Valentine’s Day items on sale based on personal experience. My sibling has a birthday a few days after the holiday, and I have always managed to find his favorite chocolates on sale. This year, I will look for items to treat myself with my favorite chocolate and maybe even buy some baking supplies. 

In addition to chocolate and candies, some other items to look out for are flowers. If you love flowers, such as roses, they will most likely be discounted depending on which stores you visit. You don’t need to wait for a significant other to buy you flowers when you can buy them for yourself. They’re beautiful, smell good and are on sale for a discounted price. You can buy them and keep them for yourself or gift them to family members. 

Although society has seemingly made us believe one can only celebrate this day with a significant other, it is also okay to go out and treat yourself. Especially now during a global pandemic, if buying discounted chocolate products make you happy (like it does to me), then go out and find those deals! The clearance section is our best friend, and who knows, you might just find me there too.

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