Courtesy of Pexels

Easter 2021 is fast approaching, and while celebrating this holiday during a pandemic is hard, it can still be done while adhering to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and ensuring everyone’s safety. Especially now that vaccines are being given to people who meet the criteria it is possible to carefully spend time with loved ones.

If you live at home with your family, one great idea is hosting an Easter egg hunt. There can be no Easter without easter eggs, and spending time with family to decorate your own eggs and then hide them is a great way to bond. Blank easter eggs can be found at your local Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store or craft store alongside paints and brushes. Have fun painting, and if you’d like to spice things up, make it a contest as to who can paint the prettiest egg. Once dried, go ahead and stuff them up.

Allowing younger children to fill up the eggs with candies and toys would be great as it gives the kids time to be outside and also, a sweet treat. If there are no younger children, these eggs might be filled with money or gift cards. The world is your oyster — or egg? Regardless, putting together an activity that involves spending time with family is fun and worthwhile. 

For those who do not live with family, you can still host your own Easter egg hunt with friends so long as everyone wears masks and are socially distanced. The event can be held at a park and can double up as a fun picnic hangout. It might be wise to bust out your charcuterie board skills to impress everyone and have fun during your egg hunts. Maybe you’d also like to have an egg painting contest. 

Another fun idea is to create Easter baskets for friends and family. During this time, stores such as Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree and more have a variety of Easter baskets and filling for sale that serve as a great base for your Easter baskets. During my own ventures, I stumbled upon edible grass. In addition, there are a lot of Easter-themed chocolates and candies such as chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, peeps among many others. Personalizing each basket to the person you’re giving it to is very wholesome and heartwarming. 

If creating Easter baskets is not your forte, stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid sell premade ones that are equally as cute and detailed. On the other hand, reaching out to local small businesses is a great way of helping not only them, but yourself. I personally ordered an Easter basket with baked goods and chocolates for myself. I get to treat myself and celebrate Easter in my own way while helping small businesses as well. 

Overall, celebrating Easter is about doing what makes you happy: spending time with loved ones, hanging out with friends and having a good time. During these rough and unexpected times, keeping oneself afloat is hard as it is, and going Easter egg hunting can be a rewarding way of breaking free for a bit. Just make sure everyone participating is staying safe and social distancing.