The climate is changing. With large factories and oil wells polluting the Earth, keeping the planet clean seems like an impossible feat. But even though it seems we have little control over the biggest culprits of world pollution, there are still simple tasks we can include in our everyday lives to keep our planet strong. If you’re interested in doing your part to save the environment, try these tips:

Turn off any electrical items that you are not currently using

Turning off the lights and other electrical items in your house can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from saving energy, it will save you money on electricity bills. Electricity is mainly produced by burning fossil fuels, so the less electricity that we use will ultimately have an effect on how many fossil fuels are burned. Furthermore, turning off your electronics will reduce the amount of light pollution that can be seen at night.

Take shorter showers

Roughly 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh. It is our responsibility to conserve our supply as much as we can. Restricting your shower time to five minutes will help save freshwater. Set a timer before showering, or play a song that’s about five minutes long to help you keep track of time. When you’re finished showering, make sure that the faucet is closed tight. Leaky faucets can also waste a lot of freshwater.


Don’t let everything go to waste. Keep separate bins for recycling and trash. Material such as cardboard, paper, glass and metal can all be reused. But you don’t have to put recyclable items in the recycle bin. You can reuse items yourself. Buy reusable grocery bags and water bottles so you don’t throw away so many plastic ones. Rinse out plastic food containers and reuse them as tupperwares. Turn your empty plastic bottles into planters. Be creative with how you recycle.

Start a home garden

You don’t need a big backyard to start a garden. You can grow potted plants practically anywhere. Plants help produce oxygen, and depending on what you choose to grow, they can produce food too. Just remember to avoid using harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Find healthy alternatives such as eggshells and coffee grounds.

Donate and spread the word

There are many different organizations that are making efforts to help preserve the planet. For example, the Canopy Project works to fight deforestation by planting trees all over the world. Another organization is the Great Global Cleanup, which works to reduce pollution by cleaning up areas with trash that have not been properly disposed of. If you cannot donate money to these organizations, consider donating your time. Join these projects by planting trees and organizing cleanups in your own community. Find organizations that you’re interested in, and share them with your friends.

The future doesn’t have to be bleak. If we each play our part in taking care of our planet, we can ensure that the environment we live in will remain for many years to come.